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Our Background

We have been developing software solutions for a wide variety of industries since 1986. Since then our user base has grown to over 300 and continues to grow. The programs that have been developed to date range from packaged systems to custom developed solutions.

Our business began when approached by a Real Estate chain to develop an automated Real Estate Sales Management System. The result of this was a package known as REMS. From there we developed a Residential Property Management System to complement the sales program.

We then realized the potential in developing a system specifically to cater for the needs of the Strata Manager. This system’s life began in 1995 and has become one of our main products and enjoys a good reputation. StrataMatic is a Windows® based software solution designed for the Strata industry. It is a powerful tool that allows you to efficiently run your portfolio and is backed by the service and support from a company that is a fully experienced software supplier to your industry. Functional, affordable and easy to use, StrataMatic is packed with time saving features and flexibility. The program is a result of listening to the requirements of the Strata industry and focusing on efficient workflows. Complying with relevant state legislation, it continues to benefit from the feedback from an ever-growing, reputable, user base.

We have also been involved in sports administration since 1990. This saw the development of a system for the Professional Golfers Association of Australia. This system provides membership functions and event management to allow for the administration of all Professional Golfers in Australia.

From this we then designed a product specific POINT OF SALE system to be used in Golf / Pro-Shops. All Golf Shops should be using some form of electronic software to monitor their day to day business. ProShop POS is a purpose built solution developed specifically for the Golf Pro Shop environment. Just a few of the main functions of Proshop POS include : Hotkey sale items & stock control, Ball Competition Administration, Sales and Financial Reports, Diary for Tee Times and Lessons etc. It also generates bar codes for stock items, produces Gift Vouchers & Trophy Vouchers plus it has a Loyalty Program and loads more.

We also became involved with the education department and developed a much needed Student Attendance Monitoring System called SAMS. SAMS is an electronic recording system for student attendance information. This includes Late Arrivals, Early Leavers, Excursions and Unexplained Absences. This system can be used as a Period by Period tracking system which helps to track partial truants and can be used to perform random period spot checks or as a once a Day Roll Call Marking System; which keeps a very up-to-date record of all attendance information. SAMS works by class rolls being marked and scanned into the system daily by office staff and students swiping their student cards through a swipe card system.

We then had another product become available to us called SWAT - Student Welfare Assistant Tracker, that we knew would enable us to broaden our portfolio and would sit quite well with our current SAMS system. SWAT is an easy use system which handles, and is relied upon to produce the majority of the reports of which schools are required to use throughout the scholastic year. It is a means of Recording Student Welfare Data and has the ability to produce End of Year Statistics for comparison with either the previous or next school year. SWAT can also work in conjunction with OASIS and together can produce reports which are required to send off to the DET.
Having SAMS, SWAT and OASIS working together is the best way to ensure you know what is happening within your school.

All of our programs are Windows © based and GST compliant (where applicable)

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